Next generation tech products
for healthcare

We craft innovative products to improve efficiency, quality, and affordability of healthcare, beginning with our flagship product, Flare.

Caitlin Dolkart

Caitlin had been based in Kenya for over five years leading the Clinton Health Access Initiative’s malaria work throughout the continent. Directing a team spanning 12 countries, Caitlin built an understanding of continent-wide health opportunities, and having just completed her MBA at MIT Sloan, she is back in Nairobi working on launching Flare.

Maria Rabinovich

A product designer and developer, Maria has spent her career working with corporates and tech startups in New York, focusing on campaigns, product design, and strategy. Several years ago, Maria came to Kenya to contribute to the growing community of entrepreneurs and innovators working in the healthcare space. After several years of working on technologies for healthcare delivery in Nairobi, Maria founded Capsule.

Solving the biggest healthcare challenges together

Our products connect the patient to excellent and affordable healthcare by looking at healthcare as a global endeavor.

  • Health Provider Operations

    Enable efficiency and quality of healthcare providers and organizations.

  • Supply-chain and Transportation

    Ensure that essential products and services like emergency care are available to patients when they need them.

  • Healthcare Data and Information

    Collect and better utilize data to make smarter decisions at the patient and system levels.

  • Patient Centered Products

    Provide the information needed to connect patients to high quality and affordable care.

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